The EuKTS organisation and governance

The EuKTS Stakeholders

The EuKTS Association is composed of the Stakeholders of the Association, willing to support knowledge and technology transfer and innovation.

The Association includes different types of stakeholder:

Full Members are involved in the governance of the Association and have a decision making capacity.

Adhering Members include all legal persons involved or interested in the development of knowledge transfer and innovation and who wish to support the Association. Their rights and duties are ruled by the Charter. Adhering Members have an advisory role but no right to vote. 

Partners The EUKTS stakeholders also include Partners whose relationship with EuKTS are ruled by agreements or memoranda of understanding. Full and Adhering Members can also become EuKTS Partners.

More information : Partners

The EuKTS Board

The Association is managed by a board of at least five Directors

The current Board includes

  • Josef Kratochvil, President
  • Pat Frain, President of Honour, Treasurer
  • Nicolas Carboni (Stéphanie Kuss)
  • Romain Soubeyran (Frédéric Caillaud)
  • Willy Manfroy
  • Christine Pirhofer (Vladan Antonovic)
  • Isabel Serina 
  • Fazilet Vardar-Sukan

To join the EuKTS Board :

Specialised Committees can be are established by the Board of Directors in areas such as Accreditation, Certification, Coordination, Finance and Marketing, and Ethical Issues. These Committee define rules, procedures, criteria and all the guidelines necessary for running the activities of EuKTS.

Running the EuKTS Activities

The Managing Director has the responsibility to run the daily operations of the Association.
The current managing director is Kristin Speck (
EuKTS receives consequent in-kind support from its key partners for the development of its activities.

The assessment of applications are managed by dedicated panels:

  • The Accreditation Panel is chaired by Kristel Allewijn
  • The Certification Panel is chaired by Ivan Dvorak

Thus EuKTS has become a multi-located organisation with offices in:

  • Brussels - Registered address - Contact: Kristin Speck:
  • Budapest – Office for Certification by Exam Route - Contact : Noemi Baho-Borzok :
  • Luxembourg - Office for Certification by Grandfathering Route - Contact Cyrille Dubois :
  • Prague – Office for Accreditation - Contact Zuzana Belohradska :

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