Join the EuKTS association

Reasons to join

If you are an association or organisation involved or interested in knowledge and technology transfer, then:

Becoming a stakeholder in EuKTS is useful

By joining EuKTS, you have a unique opportunity to actively contribute to:

  • Developing the Knowledge Transfer system by enhancing the strength and recognition of the KT profession in all sectors of the economy,

  • Increasing effectiveness of KT by raising the standard and quality of training programmes and the expertise and mobility of KT professionals throughout their career,

  • Improving the quality and quantity of Knowledge Transfer and interactions between public research organisations, industry, SMEs, etc,

  • Strengthen the awareness of and expertise in the management of knowledge transfer and commercialisation of Intellectual Property .

Becoming a stakeholder in EuKTS is easy

EuKTS AISBL is an international non-profit association located in Brussels. It is possible to join as a:

  • Full Member : depending to their profile, Full Members of EuKTS are assigned to a particular category of stakeholder, take part to the governance and have a decision-making capacity.

  • Adhering Member : Adhering Members express their support by adhering to EuKTS and are invited to the different bodies of the AISBL. They have an advisory role.

  • Partner : EuKTS is open to any partnership which may help to achieve its objectives. Let’s talk about it!

Becoming a stakeholder in EuKTS is free

EuKTS requests no membership fee.

While financial support is always possible, it is not mandatory. The business model of EuKTS relies on accreditation and certification fees, sponsoring, responses to call for proposals, etc.

What EuKTS expects from its members and stakeholders is dissemination of information, communication, and support in implementation such as helping to identify local experts, etc.

Member Application kit

The EuKTS AISBL is established as an international non-profit association in accordance with the provisions of section III of the Belgian Law of June 27, 1921 on non-profit associations, international non-profit associations and foundations, under the name «European Knowledge Transfer Society AISBL», abbreviated as EuKTS AISBL.

The registered office of the EuKTS AISBL is located in Brussels, Belgium. EuKTS AISBL is registered under the Enterprise Number 0847.777.228. The VAT number of EuKTS AISBL is BE.0847.777.228.

Download the legal information kit :

EuKTS Charter

EuKTS Code of Conduct

EUKTS legal information

EUKTS legal information annex and  application form