News from our Members - Efcocert

ViaSyst, strategic partner of EFCoCert, has participated to the ERASMUS+ Strategic Partnership project CERTI4TRAIN. This project has ended Aug. 31, 2016. Based on the partnership agreement signed by project partners and to ensure sustainability of this project’s results, ViaSyst has given EFCoCert the right to maintain, update and exploit the European certification for trainers developed in this European project. This certification scheme is ISO 17024 compliant and is based on a dematerialized exam process that exploits the latest innovations of e-assessment research.

EFCoCert is currently in contact with French and Swiss bodies operating certification of persons and has started to audit these bodies. The objective of this audit is to assess ability of certification bodies to respect the trainer European certification scheme's requirements and the EFCoCert’s integrity program.

Should you be interested to become an EFCoCert accredited certification body, please contact


EFCoCert's mission is to develop certifications schemes for people having non-regulated professions in Europe. Our aim is to provide these professionals recognition and validation of competences they have acquired via non-formal and informal learning. By supporting development of such schemes, we want to enhance transparency of qualifications as well as employability and mobility of European workers.