The rules and criteria

General Rules

After a first step of formal review, the application forms sent by the applicants are assessed against the criteria, by a Certification Panel of independent experts knowledge and technology transfer.

The detailed procedure and criteria are described in the document EuKTS – Certification by Grandfathering – Rules and Specifications which is downloadable at the bottom of this page.

How to apply

Individuals who wish to apply for Certification by Grandfathering will be asked to :

  • Take notice of the rules and specifications of EuKTS Certification by Grandfathering
  • Complete the dedicated application form for certification and supply all relevant supporting materials 
  • Send their application to : “”.

The applicant must complete the application form for one level only.  
The language of application is English.


The certification is valid for 3 years. The certified person should renew their certification after 3 years, after submission of a re-certification application before the end of the period for which the certification is valid. 


What does it cost ?

Fees are due at the stage of application upon acceptance of the request as complete. Fees cannot be refunded.



Fee for certification by Grandfathering

Fee for recertification
Basic Level
Title of EuKTS Associate
250€ (206.50€ + 43.40€ VAT) 75€ (62€ + 13€ VAT)
Intermediate Level
Title of EuKTS Professional
500€ (413€ + 87€ VAT)

250€ (206€+ 44.00€ VAT)

Advanced Level
Title of EuKTS Expert

750€ (620€ + 130€ VAT)

375€ (310€ + 65€ VAT)

The Certification by Grandfathering Rules

The Certification by Grandfathering Rules - Annex 1 - Criteria

The Certification by Grandfathering Rules - Annex 2 - Application Form