The target Public

You are a training provider running a KTT course

EuKTS accreditation is offered to all type of training providers developing or running educational or vocational programmes in the field of knowledge or technology transfer.

EuKTS accreditation is not available for individual trainers but dedicated to training organisations such as

  • Universities
  • High schools
  • Private training providers
  • Consortium of providers
  • Etc.

EuKTS accreditation is dedicated to programmes fulfilling the EUKTS curriculum and accreditation criteria and parameters.

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Purpose and scope
Rules and Criteria

You are a training provider wishing to create or update a KTT course

If you are wishing to create or design a new course in the field of knowledge and technology transfer, you will be interested in the EuKTS curriculum.

The EuKTS curriculum describes in details the expected knowledge and skills expected for practitioners at basic or intermediate level on the ground of 8 core competencies irrespective of the sector or country of practise.

For more information on the terms of use of the curriculum, please contact us : or