Rules and criteria

General Rules

After a first step of formal review, the courses are assessed against the defined criteria defined by an Accreditation Panel of independent experts in training and knowledge and technology transfer.

For accreditation at the basic level, the Accreditation Panel may include a local expert.

The detailed procedure and criteria are described in the document EuKTS – Accreditation – Rules and Specifications that is downloadable at the bottom of this page.

How to apply?

Training providers who wish to apply for accreditation will be asked to :

  • Take notice of the rules and specifications of EuKTS accreditation
  • Complete the dedicated application form for accreditation and supply all relevant supporting materials 
  • Send their application to

What does it cost?

Accreditation and re-accreditation are subject to the payment of fees.

The accreditation fee is 2 500 Euros (VAT included): 2 066 Euros + 21% VAT (434 Euros).
The re-accreditation fee is 1 250 Euros (VAT included): 1 033 Euros + 21% VAT (217 Euros).

Fees are due at the time of application upon acceptance of the request as complete. Fees cannot be refunded.


Accreditation will last for a period of two years. For re-accreditation, the training provider will be required to resubmit the application form, highlighting results to date and any changes in the delivery and content of the course.


Accreditation of training programmes, Rules and Specifications 2016

Accreditation of training programmes, Application form

Accreditation of training programmes, Application form per module – annex 1


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