What is EuKTS ?

EuKTS is an international non profit association which has been established to support the development of knowledge transfer (KT) by increasing the standard, recognition, the education, the training and the mobility of the knowledge and technology transfer professionals across Europe and beyond.

The purpose

With the initial support of the European Union, plans for EuKTS have been designed and tested using a bottom-up approach by a consortium consisting of major KTT professional associations, training providers and innovation policy-makers.

Thus, EuKTS has developed the institutional scheme for certification and accreditation underpinned by a model curriculum for the KTT profession as a contribution both to enforce the profession and respond to the need of harmonisation within European education and training.

This is essential to enhance pan - European innovation by increasing the effectiveness of KTT and interaction between industry and public research organisations.

The EuKTS Offer

EuKTS has designed a comprehensive framework dedicated to knowledge and technology transfer (KTT) professionals and aims at disseminating the highest standards of quality for the following :

The EuKTS Curriculum of knowledge and skills expected from KTT professionals at different levels of experience is developed for training providers wishing to design education and vocational training programmes for future or practising KTT professionals. This curriculum is updated on a regular basis and is available at the basic and intermediate levels.

The EuKTS Accreditation of training programmes is designed to provide assurance as to the quality and relevance of the course content to KTT practitioners and the measures and procedures adopted by Training Providers in delivering the courses. Accreditation services are available since 2016.

The EuKTS Certification of Professionals : certification of individuals aims at raising the standard and recognition of KT professionals throughout their career. Thus EuKTS Certification is offered at three levels: Associate, Professional and Expert levels. 

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