History and context

An initial initiative funded by the EU 

The initial project was run by a consortium of 14 organisations from Europe.

In 2008-2010, the initial stages of the project (then named CERT-TT-M) lead to the realisation of the initial feasibility study with positive projections and a first version of the curriculum.

During the next stage (2010-2012), besides the in-depth update of the curriculum, the design of the procedures,  one other achievement was the creation of the association (under Belgian law) in order to prepare the launch of activities.

More information : www.ttt-manager.eu

A successful pilot phase

In order to prepare for implementation, a pilot phase for accreditation and certification at basic level was organised in Austria, the Czech Republic and Italy: procedures were successfully tested and the outcome was the accreditation of several sources and the certification of more than 400 applicants at basic level.

At the end of this stage, the EuKTS founders organised a round of sponsorship to prepare the switch from EuKTS as a project initiative to EuKTS as a running organisation.

A running organisation since the end of 2015

Thanks to financial sponsorship and in-kind support from Key Partners, EuKTS progressively set up its infrastructure (legal, financial framework, procedures, kits of information for target users, etc.) and gathered the support from new stakeholders, notably target users and their representatives, and governmental bodies including Intellectual Property Offices.

EuKTS can now rely on its’ stakeholders and their active substantial support to disseminate the accreditation and certification scheme.

More information : Partners