Benefits for All Target Users and Stakeholders

EuKTS provides benefits for all its target users and stakeholders in the knowledge and technology transfer sector, both individuals and organisations.

EuKTS for knowledge and technology transfer Practitioners

EuKTS professional standards cover the complete career path of a KTT practitioner. These standards are developed at European level but also take into consideration international best practice, to ensure a broad and common understanding.

EuKTS for Training Providers

EuKTS provides training providers with accreditation for high quality courses which meet the standards and guidelines developed by EuKTS. The EuKTS Curriculum constitutes the basis for the accreditation criteria and procedures and will support the development and the implementation of new programmes.

EuKTS for Private Sector Companies

Private sector companies benefit from high quality certification of practitioners at all levels of the profession. This will enhance the performance of private R&D centres, improve collaboration with the public sector and facilitate transnational mobility.

EuKTS for University and Public Research Centres

University and public research centres benefit from the implementation of the EuKTS framework in that it enhances the quality and recognition of KT practitioners at the European level. Better qualified and recognised practitioners increase the capability of evaluating and exploiting research results, leading to greater efficiencies and competitiveness in the private sector.

Moreover, a common vision of the knowledge and technology transfer profession will facilitate exchanges and links between public and private sectors.

EuKTS for Public Authorities, including IP Offices

For public authorities EuKTS is a reliable partner for the identification of knowledge and technology transfer sector perspectives. EuKTS delivers instruments to innovation policy-makers that enable them to specifically support knowledge and technology transfer systems through a comprehensive and robust qualification framework without conflicts of interest.