The EuKTS framework

The EuKTS Framework includes a curriculum based on 8 core competencies together with a dedicated accreditation and certification scheme.

The EuKTS curriculum of 8 core competencies

The EuKTS curriculum describes the knowledge and skills which are necessary for all practitioners in the field of knowledge and technology transfer, irrespective of the country or sector in which they operate. The curriculum is available at two levels: the basic level and the intermediate level. 

Together with the related course parameters, it represents a useful support for training providers who wish to design a new course of update existing programmes.

8 core competencies

The EuKTS accreditation and certification scheme

What is certification ?

« The provision by an independent body of written assurance (a certificate) that the product, service or system in question meets specific requirements. » (

Professional certification « ensures recognition and validation of formal and non-formal learnings. It strengthens employability and mobility and increases motivation for learning throughout life ». (

The EuKTS scheme

Accreditation is offered for KT training courses in order to improve common quality standards in higher education and vocational training at the basic and intermediate levels.

Accredited training providers at basic level are entitled to deliver the certification exam at basic level to successful candidates.

EuKTS certification is offered at three levels and offers the right to the following EUKTS titles:

  • EUKTS Associate – Certification at a basic level to facilitate entry into knowledge and technology transfer fields for individuals with limited or no experience, by successful completion of an accredited knowledge transfer course. 
  • EuKTS Professional – Certification at intermediate level to recognise the experience and expertise of the majority of practitioners in the knowledge transfer field by successful completion of the standard EuKTS multiple choice examination.
  • EuKTS Expert – Certification at advanced level to allow individuals that have achieved a record of excellence in the field to be recognised through peer review.

In order to accelerate the development of a network of recognised KTT professionals, EuKTS has established Grandfathering procedures for each of the three levels: basic, intermediate and advanced.

The criteria for admittance are stricter than the regular admittance criteria because there is no examination required.

The EuKTS scheme