Key Points

The EuKTS accreditation and certification scheme is unique in the sense that it is at the same time authoritative, inclusive, impartial.

EuKTS : A Unique Accreditation and Certification Scheme


The EuKTS framework is based on continuous inputs from a wide range of European experts and stakeholders involved in knowledge and technology transfer: professional networks, training providers and public authorities including IP Offices. The standards take into consideration best practices at european and worldwide levels.

EuKTS is supported by Efcocert, the European foundation specialised in accreditation and professional certification: thus EuKTS has the guarantee to continuously improve in line with the highest international standards of professional certification.


The EuKTS Certification Scheme is unique in the KTT sector as it covers:

  • the complete career path of KT practitioners by providing three different certification levels, starting from practitioners just entering or interested in the profession, to the most experienced and skilled professionals,
  • both private and public areas of practise of KTT, thus contributing to a common understanding and vision,
  • a scheme integrating professional certification with high quality education and training.


The governance has been designed to have a balanced representation of all representative stakeholders, including the sponsors. The Business Model is based on application fees to ensure independence of the organisation.

Accreditation and Certification procedures have been designed to ensure that the EuKTS framework can be transparent and avoid any conflicts of interests.